Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sales Super Saturday (SSS) @ Sep 17, 2011

This time, we enjoyed our Sales Super Saturday at InfoStretch office.  

Agenda for Sales Super Saturday on Sep 17, 2011

10:15 AM : Morning Keynote
10:45 AM : The Magic Called Follow-Up
11:15 PM : Brand Failure
11:45 PM : Biography - Dhirubhai Ambani
12:15 PM : Telephone Etiquettes
12:45 PM : Lunch
3:00 PM : Enterprise Mobility
4:00 PM : Movie / Surprise

My viewpoints to this SSS:

It started with a welcome note, followed by a Europe Sales Strategy Plan shared by our Head - Business Strategy (ISPL Sales Sardar). Hearing at projected sales target for next year 2012-2013 raised our hairs. We all then applied the mantra of Ranchodas Chanchad (Aamir Khan in lead role @ 3 idiots) by saying "Aal Izz Well ... Aal Izz Well ..." 

It then entered into some great sessions as scheduled for the day. I personally liked the content and delivery of "The magic called follow-up" presented by one of our BD team member. The session revolved around the essence of follow-up in sales, classic success stories supporting this strategy & helping to build a long term biz relationship.

We also attempt to do something different @ SSS. This time, we have two new ingredients 1) Recording Luncheon Qs 2) Surprise Event.

Luncheon Qs were A) What's the most embarrassing moment till date? 2) What's your brand identity @ InfoStretch? Two Super Qs..... With equally hilarious and out-of-the-blue answers from each one.

Surprise Event - To decorate your workplace using your childhood photo & craft skills! Some, like me, just appreciated and motivated others with this task...

Instead of movie, we opted for playing cricket @ our parking basement. Everyone tried to show-off they are masters of this game in their own style. Swing bowling like Wasimbhai & Malinga, Spin (Phirki) like Bhajji & Monty Panesar, Batting like Mahi & Mr. Dependable.. Fielding... Ah who does that [not even our Indian cricket team :)].. Everybody looks at each other to get the ball.. 

6 PM and it's time to pack & go...

Yet another SSS ended with great learning and fun!

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