Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) continue to remain key differentiator for RIM?

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) – the most desired feature from BlackBerry will now be challenged by Apple’s iMessage with the official release of Apple iOS 5. It is expected to get launched in the end of 2011. As mobile enthusiasts are waiting for this release, we hear about Samsung ChatON –  a cross platform mobile chat service to go live in next few weeks (prior to launch of iMessage). With this, Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) competition is getting HOT and Interesting!!!

Let’s try to compare existing BBM with upcoming 2 MIMs that’s creating buzz & going to compete 1on1 soon.

It looks like Samsung ChatON will rule the IM Game, but, it’s too early a statement to make. Let’s see how the upcoming mobile IMs performs on what it claims to out-beat BBM & does mobile users accepts with both hands as they welcomed BBM for years now.

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