Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can citizens of India contribute to fight against terrorism, another vital issue that India is facing?

With Anna Hazare’s fight against Corruption and his firm determination to introduce Lokpal for goodness for citizens of India, we all are witness to one thing that “Lok Shakti” (meaning.. Power of the people) can mould or drive anything. Though, as I write there is no final conclusion on Lokpal with no major progress, but I believe – it’s a need and not a choice to have Lokpal NOW or NEVER.

Coming to “Lok Shakti”, can citizens of India help Govt in some way to fight against Terrorism? Let’s accept the fact – India being a democratic country, a fast developing country, still b/h world class infrastructure & Hi-Tech equipments, huge population, diversified language/religion/culture, low literary rate, cross-border issues, internal big issues/scams etc, it’s difficult for any ruling government to fight against unplanned terror strikes and counter fight strategically, keeping low count of human lives, security personnel, property damages etc.  More importantly, to have a better peace of mind for people living in India and foreign visitors that travel to India.

Of course, there are some ways and awareness programs implemented, whereby citizens of India can contribute. Adding to existing programs, can a mobile be used as a tool to help to prevent/forecast/resolve terrorism activities?  

I believe, YES, it can be. Below is a workflow diagram at broad level.

Key Challenges to implement this would be

  • Making it Simple to use with ZERO training 
  • Easy One time registration & validation process
  • Tracking of User profiles carrying multiple SIMs/Phones
  • Keeping user profile & captured data confidential
  • Transforming different forms of data into usable format
  • Relating/mapping captured data under which incident
  • Defining rules of which data is important and which is not
  • Seamless integration with current GoG intelligent systems
  • Managing high volume of data, archiving   
  • Data manipulation & forecasting
  • Timely actions
  • End-to-end secure environment
  • Transparent, Encouraging loyalty/reward programs     

Will it be effective or make magical difference?
  • “Jagrut Janta” + “Jagrut Sarkar” can make it effective
  • Will certainly add value to our Intelligence
  • Can turn to be a need and not a choice   
  • Additionally, similar concept can be applied for traffic policing, road accidents, construction process etc for effective monitoring & forecasting.   

Please feel free to share your views on this and other ways to make India, a secure place to live and explore.

Jai Hind! 

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