Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interesting Mobile Stats 2011

Some cool interesting statistics that will help you to define your mobile strategy for coming years.


Of the World’s 4B mobile phones in use, 1.08B are Smart phones

Indeed a BIG Number…  Smartphone market is BOOMING!!! 



By 2014, Mobile Internet should take over Desktop Internet usage

What it means, more computing over mobile/tablets => more usage of mobile internet data plans => demand of more consumer apps => Feature phones/Smart phones/Tablets to replace Low end mobiles, Desktop PCs, Net books


Android Market is the fastest growing mobile content platform since the beginning of 2011

What it means is that Android Ecosystem is GAINING momentum and will attract many other OEMs to plan their offerings surrounding Android.



YouTube remains the single most popular mobile Internet destination, accounting for 22% of mobile data bandwidth usage and 52% of total video streaming

What it means is that YouTube support on Smart phones, Feature Phones and tablets becomes IMPORTANT



19 percent of people drop phones down toilet

It’s funny but that’s what it is…  Can there be any innovation on mobile handset design to avoid slipping of smartphone or accessories that can help, when you are at best relaxed position (in toilets) :)? 



2.1bn HTML5 browsers on mobile devices by 2016

So, what it means, that having HTML5 supported browsers on mobiles will give BOOST to HTML5 Apps and with this, it will give very stiff competition to native mobile apps. 


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